When you keep getting rejected or you go from one failed relationship to the next, you know inside, shit has to change if you want to experience the beauty of a woman and a loving relationship.  Cycles of rejection, being turned down, being the playboy who hurts women, or just plain fear of women can make you feel like you’re headed down a downward spiral.  These cycles don’t just miraculously go away.   A new paradigm has to be created.  And the majority of men who come to me, don’t know where to begin.


I’m not going to bullshit you.  A new mindset needs to be created.  Healing is needed.  And it’s work.  I don’t have a magical feather that changes everything in a moment.  It will require commitment, courage on your part to face you (here’s a hint, you’re more than you think you are) and a willingness to do things differently.


If you’re still reading this, then this might be a fit for you.  So many of my clients have come to me feeling pretty hopeless about their situations.  And I can’t tell you how many times my clients have said “Arica where were you 10 years ago?? If I had known these answers sooner, I could’ve avoided ALL OF THIS!


Here’s the thing, I’m just your guide, you my dear are the treasure mine, I’m the person who comes and digs to reveal to you all the gold that’s been lying underneath.  Many men have literally sobbed in tears during their sessions as they begin to discover the gift they truly are.


These shortcomings you’re facing is simply pain masked as opportunity. (Though let’s be honest, it hurts like hell!)  Opportunity for you to tap into your greatest potential that’s been sitting dormant.  


I’ve seen my clients take setbacks and turn them into beautiful relationships.  Lost men, become grounded and certain of their true power and identity.  Men who were terrified to talk to women, boldly transform before my eyes as they walk up to a group of beautiful women, bravely making the first move.


As your guide, in this 8 week experience I will provide you with:


(5) 45 Minute Video Recorded Coaching Sessions (for you to playback)

Weekly Implementation Challenges (Progress to be submitted every Friday with Q&A email)

3 Personalized Positioning Meditations delivered to your inbox

 Weekly Q&A via email (to be submitted every Friday)


If you’re thinking you’re not sure there’s any real hope for you, let me say that as I’ve coached men for the past 12 years in dating and relationships, I’ve seen men transform before my eyes, often leaving me in tears as I witness their courage to transform. 


 However with that being said, if you inherently have a “victim mindset”, I am not the coach for you.  Please do not move forward with this.  As an empath, I take my coaching and energy very seriously and do not want my time wasted, nor do I want to waste your time.  I WILL NOT TAKE YOU ON AS A CLIENT.


Here’s what Jim had to say about working with me, oh and I should mention, after going from a toxic relationship with a woman who never saw his value and emotionally abused him… After working with me, he then went on to marry Beyonce’s cousin. It was one of my most proud and humbling moments as a coach as he shared with all of their  wedding guests “It’s because of this woman I’m with my wife!” 


While I can’t promise you’ll marry Beyonce’s cousin, I know with your commitment, you’ll be proud of the man you become.

Begin here.

“It’s because of this woman I’m with my wife!”
Houston, Tx

Many times you may think that you’re not saying the right thing to women.  You’re finding the wrong women.  Or perhaps you think you’re just not cut out for dating and/or relationships.


  That’s something for other people, but for you, you seem to always fail with them.


The reality is, you were made to be loved, but past programming, previous experiences of painful rejection… these things leave a mark.  And with that mark comes feelings of shame, unworthiness and a fear to really connect intimately with people.


Here’s the thing, if you don’t face it, it never goes away.  It’s always the rope that pulls you back and causes you to feel like you’re going under, every single time.  


Going on my own journey of reclaiming myself, healing those parts that kept resurfacing with their pain and wanting to feel fully free, I did my research and my work.


Reading book after book and working with healers, counselors and therapists, I wanted to find a road map that was not only right for me, but something I could share with others that would work for their  lives as well.  


So that they too could experience freedom.  


Free from the pain from their past, the shame that came with its burdens of lies.  Lies that have you questioning if you’re even worth being loved? 


Insecurities that have been haunting you for years, robbing you of your confidence with women and relating to people.


If you’ve been feeling the urge to get to the bottom of things and figure out why things haven’t been working out with you, with women, then this is your opportunity to get real answers and solutions.


You may be thinking you’re too far gone, you have too much baggage and that no one wants to deal with you and your shit.


The reality is your warped perspective of yourself is inherently pushing people away.  If you don’t change how you see, feel and show the world who you are, you won’t find the woman of your dreams.  


You won’t have that fulfilling sex life coupled with meaningful connection.


It’s time for you to move past the story others have written for your life. 


 It’s time for you to walk away from the lies of believing you’re unlovable, you’re meant to be alone and that there will never be anyone who truly understands you.


It’s time for you to see and discover your greatness, your glory and to allow the women and the people in your world to see it as well! 


 The opportunity to finally feel good about yourself in relationships, instead of feeling lost, defeated and always uncertain about what you should do.


In this 8 week journey you’ll receive:


8 Week Virtual Course


Replays Will Be Available


Login From Anywhere In the World


Weekly DYG Challenges in PDF format

 to help you implement what you have learned


A 1-1 hour coaching session with Arica Angelo 

at the end of your 8 week journey.

“Arica’s Discovering Your Glory course was an absolute necessary piece that helped with rebuilding my own worth and my transformation to being a true force of nature with my masculinity. Her support and ability to see into my heart were shining beacons on the root of my problems and what had been holding me back in relationships. I’m so, so, so glad that I took the leap with Arica in understanding my own glory. No thank you’s or words are great enough to express what she has done or meant to me.”
Chris K.
Nashville, TN

We all go through situations where things just feel and seem out of whack.  Whether if you’re pursuing a particular woman, your relationship is falling apart or you’re frustrated with the results you keep getting with women, getting aligned brings clarity, freedom and power.  Knowing what you “can” do in a situation and doing it “right”, removes insecurity and any other form of fear, your greatest saboteur.


If you’re needing a quick solution, or are feeling at a loss and you need some help to be pointed in the right direction with your dating/relationship, start here.  Uncertainty, confusion, hurt, frustration, all of these are natural emotions to feel in the midst of this crisis.  You are not alone and this is the perfect option for you to get some support in the midst of these very trying times.


“I reached out to Arica a week after my breakup . She gave me the best advice, and after the session , I was so relieved and felt so so much better . I’m already looking forward to my next session !”  LB, San Diego, California
San Diego, California