This is a powerful 8-week journey is designed to restore you back to your self worth, while empowering you to return to your greatest asset, YOUR HEART. Clarity, renewed hope that brings forth your desires, purpose and power is what awaits YOU. It's TIME to cut through all the fear, confusion and noise & start living out your GREATNESS.

Our idea in our story, who we are, is the cornerstone in which we build our lives. It’s vital that we expose who told us our story. What we learned about love and what we were taught about our identity. Uncover you TRUE greatness that’s laying dormant.

Your heart is the foundation of which all of your life flows. If it’s been ignored, silenced and shut down, your life will eat the fruits of those actions. We will discover your hearts role in this life and develop the skills it takes to keep it pumping and flowing, resulting in you living your life awake, present and thriving.

Glory is when you show up in your life powerfully, not holding back and being fully seen for all that you possess inside. This portion will help you escape the mundane aspects of your life and awaken you to the reality that there’s more to who you are than you’ve recognized. As you awaken, so will the world you create around you.

There will be no greater asset to you on this journey like self intimacy. Cultivating self intimacy and learning to listen and trust yourself is crucial for the role you’re about to play. As self intimacy becomes part of your framework, you’ll understand that the deep answers you’ve been searching for are finally ready to be voiced as you learn to listen to yourself.

You were not made to do this journey alone, it will require a team of allies, your intimate counsel. Risk will be required, grace will be needed to receive and your heart must remain open. You will learn why and how having an intimate counsel by your side, will get you through when the shit storms of life try to way you down.

The battles of life will come and go, but having the heart muscles to stand in the midst of the storm are necessary. Strong heart muscles are the KEY to truly making it to the end of your hero’s journey, and we’ll train them together, in this private, safe group…

Every champion grows tired from time to time and it’s essential for him/her to know where the fountain of restoration is hidden. There is that deep place inside of you that will get tired and thirsty and learning how to champion yourself in the ups and downs of life is something every warrior must learn. In this portion of our coaching you will discover exactly how!

Having a tool box full of tools is great to have, but using all of those tools to build a house, car, you name it, is what gets the desired outcome. In this last week of coaching, you will be able to see how every tool that you’ve acquired on this journey works in unison to craft the life, the love and the destiny inside of you and to bring it boldly into the world around you.



If you qualify and are selected, not only will you be a part of this revolutionary coaching experience, you'll also have an in person 1-1 VIP Coaching day with Arica Angelo.
Los Angeles/Paris, France/Bali, Indonesia

See What Others Are Already Saying about The Arica Angelo Intimacy Experience

“Arica’s Discovering Your Glory course was an absolute necessary piece that helped with rebuilding my own worth and my transformation to being a true force of nature with my masculinity. Her support and ability to see into my heart were shining beacons on the root of my problems and what had been holding me back in relationships. And she was there with me every step of the way to picking up those broken pieces and making me feel strong and loved enough to built something better for my life. I’m so, so, so glad that I took the leap with Arica in understanding my own glory. No thank you’s or words are great enough to express what she has done or meant to me.”
Chris K.
“First I would like to thank you Arica for helping me learn so much about myself and most importantly for teaching me how to love myself. My healing process with Arica was life changing. I learned to put my own feelings, thoughts and love first before anyone. I was that girl who would never listen to her gut or her heart when things didn’t seem right so I always ended up with a broken heart or humiliated by another person. I got to a point in my life where I completely gave up on everyone including myself. The result of neglecting my heart was depression. Arica came into my life at a very tough moment but her words of encouragement, her ability to listen deeply and her understanding helped me realize my worth. I discovered my voice. I no longer let anyone (including men) put me down or treat me any less than what I deserved. My heart has healed and my head is always held up high. When I am put in a situation where I want to speak the truth but my nerves kick in, I think back to my sessions with Arica and my inner lioness comes out to shine brightly. That’s the best feeling EVER! Thank you Arica for everything. You are TRULY and ANGEL on earth!!! Stunning outside and specially inside! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!! May God bless you now, tomorrow and forever. Love Alejandra”
Alejandra V.

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Revolutionary Coaching Delivery:

  • 8 Week Virtual Course
  • Replays Will Be Available
  • Login From Anywhere In the World
  • Weekly Embodiment Challenges
  • Bi-Weekly Awakening/Implementation Sessions
  • 2 Recorded Alignment Meditations
  • Email Support
  • VIP 1-on-1 Coaching Day w/Arica Angelo